Altyazı Çevirisi / Subtitle Translation- A. Şirin Okyayuz

  When I first started subtitling,  I solely trusted being a movie buff and my language skills. Those helped me for sure but If I had an access to such a source about subtitling, I believe my earlier works would be better.  The book is writtten by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sirin Okyayuz from Bilkent University, Department of Translation and Interpreting. It’s a book that every new subtitler must read. The book covers subtitle translation and also dub translation from different aspects like translation methods, technical and linguistic issues. It also  has remarkable information about different genres like Legal, Period, Medical dramas and movies and Sitcoms. And it’s written in Turkish, which is a great bonus considering there are not many reference books about subtitling written in Turkish language.