13th Languages & the Media Conference

Early bird registration is now open for 13th Languages & the Media Conference. This year’s theme is Riding the Wave.  I had the privilege to attend the 12th one, last year in Berlin. Honestly, my primary goal was to meet some of my remote employers. Because as an independent contractor, emailing is the only way of communication for me. It would be nice to meet my employers in person. I achieved this goal but it was also impressive to see that so many academics are involved in audiovisual industry. Had the chance to listen to many interesting speakers, academics and researchers. Became aware of AV related institutions. Look forward to December 2020!

13th Languages & the Media conference




California Passes AB-5 Bill

California Passes AB-5 bill, known as gig-worker bill, in California State Senate without exemption for translators and interpreters. The bill will require businesses to hire workers as employees, not independent contractors. As an “independent contractor” who has contract with a Californian company, I’m not quite sure what it means to me or does it mean anything at all.

AB5: California Passes Bill That Translators, Interpreters Say Threatens Livelihood