Who I Am

My name is Sarper Aman, I’m a linguist and English-Turkish Subtitle Translator from Turkey. As a movie buff and a language fan, the inevitable happened and I started a new career in my life. I’ve been working as subtitle translator for more than 4 years now for several vendors and streaming companies. It’s been my privilege to work on over 300 hundred projects in this 4 year period, both as QCer and translator. Recently, I have decided to share  my experience with a broader crowd and built my own website, sarpera.com.

What I’m doing is basically, subtitling or interlingual subtitling or audiovisual translation and QCing. I also have solid experience in spotting/timecoding, subtitle creation projects and  took part in many miscellaneous translation and QC tasks. I’m confident using my vendors’ cloud-based systems but  I’m also licensed user of Ooona’s Translate Pro -top notch subtitling suit- for the vendors who don’t have their own subtitling software. Some of the vendors I have contract with are ZOO Digital, Point360 and IYUNO.

I’m looking forward to working together.